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When is the deadline to submit Pharmacy Transformation Team (PTT) applications?

A:  August 1, 2022 at 11:59 PM PDT

What level of support when preparing the application can we get and from whom?

A: CPESN USA is the Coordinating Center for the Flip the Pharmacy (FtP) Program.  There will be instructions on the application site about how to reach out regarding assistance and/or questions that arise, including this FAQ section.   Coordinating Center staff will be available to assist in preparing Pharmacy Transformation Team (PTT) applicants.  Applicants may also email apply@flipthepharmacy.com.

CPESN USA staff will play no role in the scoring of applicants’ submissions.

How/where do I get started?

A: Begin thinking of how you want to apply from the standpoint of how to increase the number of pharmacies that can go through the effort efficiently from a budgetary perspective and increase the likelihood they will complete the project.  Coordinating center staff will be available to interested applicants, potential partners, CPESN Networks and CPESN Participating Pharmacies to assist in preparing Pharmacy Transformation Team (PTT) applicants.

Is there any advantage to getting the application in before the August deadline? 

A: No.  Reviewers will not assess applications until the submission date is closed.

Is the program accepting applications on a rolling basis?

A: No. The application process is on an annual cycle and will reopen the following year.