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What is a Change Package?

Are the Change Packages already made?

A: The existing Change Packages can be found at https://www.flipthepharmacy.com/change-packages  The site updates regularly with new materials as the Program progresses. 

What are the goals or objectives that must be met and what are the award dollars?

A: The “objectives” which must be met will be the milestones that include numbers of care plans created and submitted, number and reduction of vitals such as mmHg and laboratory findings such as A1c.

 There is no prescription on the amount of award dollars per Practice Transformation Team.  The original funding allocation was modeled to support anywhere from 15-20 teams of up to 50 or more pharmacies each but Teams have thus far successfully supported anywhere from 5 to 60 pharmacies each when the efforts were properly scoped and implemented.  The application is modeled to be based on the applicant’s capability per pharmacy, not total amount of budget.   There is a set amount of dollars allocated for each round.  Other Teams not funded by CPF have been added to the program from Program and Team Sponsor funding.  For CPF Funding, reviewers will score applications on a scale of 1 – 100.  Awards will be made from the highest scored applications until monies are exhausted.  Reviewers do have the prerogative to make adjustments based on geographic diversity, rural/urban mix, or requesting some budget reductions from some applicants to round out the pool of awardees.

How do we identify patients to reach the domain milestone requirements?

A:  Any patient which walks into a pharmacy are potential participants in a practice transformation effort.  E.g. Offer to take a blood pressure reading for a new or established patient for Domain #2 ‘Improving patient monitoring and follow-up.’

What type of training do Practice Transformation Coaches (PTCs) receive? Should they already be well-versed in all of the implementation domains going into the program?  What is the time commitment for PTC training?

A: PTC training will occur in September 2022.   It will be an initial training of 3-5 hours with ongoing training monthly to quarterly based on the domain of interest at that point in the Change Package timeline.  Consideration of the implementation domains is prudent with respect to the skill sets of the chosen PTCs.  While not an absolute requirement, personnel with experience practicing in a community-based pharmacy as a pharmacist or technician have the advantage of familiarity.

Is it fair to assume a person who’s applied and won over 20 grants (federal/state) an ideal candidate to assist to prepare and submit the application?

A: This is not a research grant, it is an implementation project…the goal is to put a team together to coach.  The application focuses on demonstrating an efficiency in getting high numbers of pharmacies graduated from a pre-determined 24 month practice transformation efforts.  The application is form created purposefully with limited text per field to encourage the applicant to focus on implementation elements. That doesn’t mean that the person can’t be helpful.  It just means that the application does not resemble a typical research grant. Winning prior grants is superfluous to the application.

Who will be selecting the participants/leaders and the pharmacies?

A: The CPESN Network will work with the Practice Transformation Team (PTT) to recruit CPESN Participating Network Pharmacies (PNPs).  The Participating Network Pharmacies (PNPs) will determine who the lead/champion is within the PNP.

35:  Can an employee of a pharmacy go through the program be a Practice Transformation Coach (PTC) and be personnel on the Practice Transformation Team (PTT)?

A: Yes.