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Q: What are the requirements for the Pharmacy Listing section?

A: Round 4 Applicants for CPF funding must list all of the pharmacies they intend to Coach for two years in the Pharmacy Listing section prior to the submission of the application.

Teams must first identify a Flip the Pharmacy Champion in each pharmacy. 

Then pharmacy listed MUST have their FtP Champion complete the following three Steps:

Step 1) The Pharmacy Champion will view the Flip the Pharmacy and Appointment-Based Model (ABM) Orientation Video.  To access the ~24 minute video, click here.

(*Step 1 must be completed prior to Step 2*)

Step 2) Complete the Pharmacy Readiness Self-Assessment • Plan for 30 minutes to complete, even though it will probably take less. • Click here to access the online assessment.

Step 3) The FtP Pharmacy Champion should then email the results of the Pharmacy Readiness Self-Assessment to the applicant lead or the proposed FtP Team Lead.  After the pharmacy completes the self-assessment, the pharmacy will receive an automated email with their results from JotForm.   The FtP Pharmacy Champion should then email to the applicant lead or proposed FtP Team Lead.

Full three step instructions can be found here.