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Can there be overlap of team members across groups?

A:  Yes. When completing the application, it is structured but flexible as to what resources, who you partner with and how to support as many Participating Network Pharmacies as possible.  Persons can play more than one role on the Practice Transformation Team (PTT).  There is no preclusion from a person playing a role on multiple PTT teams/applications/awardees. Notably, higher scores will be given in the application where the number of pharmacies participating per FTE is lower.  This is to ensure that there is sufficient staff to provide hands on coaching and Program implementation. 

Is the funding mainly for personnel (coaches, etc.) What are eligible expenses?

A: Yes, we anticipate that the majority of dollars allocated as part of the Program will be applied to Practice Transformation Coaches (PTCs).  Pharmacy Transformation Team (PTT) applicants can propose any type of expense they like.  They should be mindful that any expenses or costs they include in the budget will increase the total budget amount and the dollar amount per Participating Network Pharmacy (PNP) supported.  The scoring for the budget section is based on this metric and is pre-defined.